Mystic Beauty 1

25 Sep, 2018 – 29 Sep, 2018

30 Sep, 2018 – 05 Oct, 2018

07 Oct, 2018 – 12 Oct, 2018

15 Oct, 2018 – 25 Oct, 2018

My Mystic Beauty Collection

Pooneh is a sensitive artist with a strong intuition. She listens herself and tries to express her feelings in the appropriate from without trying to compromise herself.

My World of Trees Collection

I have always been fascinated by trees. I have always imagined them as strong, Individual beings who have stood tall for centuries observing the world and everything goes on in it.
Trees stand taller than many buildings and outlive many humans.
The trees that I paint are trees of the different places I have visited over the years.
Each and every one bear the identity of the country I was in. I sometimes feel as though I am a tree and I have deep roots spread across the world.